Visible Language

An independent scholarly journal published continuously since 1967.

Visible Language:
Special 50th Anniversary Issues

Interdisciplinary, innovative, rigorous, scholarship in visible language—this is what characterizes the journal Visible Language. So what is visible language?

It is the typefaces, glyphs, word-image equations, signs, color codes, emoticons, websites, books, diagrams, concrete poetry, icons, movie trailers, letterforms, punctuation, grids, navigation, search and find (or not), television graphics, word art, symbols, notations systems, texts and visible patterns. It is interaction of perception, cognition, emotion, and contexts that help form and inform our lives.

What is a landscape without visible language?
Nature and material artifacts with only spoken words.

Our Mission 

Enhancing human experience through the advancement of research and practice of visual communication. Working toward a balance between artfulness and science, between innovation and respect for human patterns of use, between research backed by evidence and intuitive exploration, between technology and its cultural implications for communication.

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